SAFe Training and Certification

Hawwa Enterprise Agile Coaching



Hawwa Enterprise Agile Coaching Inc is a member of the Scaled Agile Partner Network. We help organizations to plan, prepare, and execute successful large scale agile transformation by leading and coaching all levels of an organization through a Lean-Agile and DevOps transformation.

Our public and onsite agile trainings include: Leading SAFe (SA) for Executives, Managers and Leaders, SAFe Scrum Masters (SSM), SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager(POPM), SAFe DevOps (SDP), SAFe for Architects (ARCH), SAFe Advanced Scrum Masters (SASM), SAFe for Teams(SP), SAFe For Government (SGP), Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), Agile Product and Solution Management (APSM), Agile Software Engineering (ASE), and Release Train Engineer (RTE).

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